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Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

With summertime finally upon us, it’s been wonderful to see our guests have been enjoying themselves here at The Manor.

Summer teased us and we had a glorious week of the sun beating down on Bickley and along with our guests, we made the most of it - with a cold drink in hand.

It’s during the summer that we truly appreciate the tranquillity of our location – it’s easy to forget how close we are to the hustle and bustle of the city sometimes, when we’re surrounded by so much nature. And we’ve loved seeing it burst into life over the past few weeks.

From the flashes of green from our resident parakeets to the family of foxes that frequent the far corner of our grounds - everyone made the most of the sunshine here at The Manor.

The warmer weather also meant that we were finally able open our Tiki bar and share it with our guests and the feedback has been wonderful!

Tucked away in its own corner of the gardens, it almost feels like being poolside somewhere tropical and the staff all get to have their own Tom Cruise in Cocktail moment!

Whatever the weather here in England, we’ve got a refreshing drink, a gorgeous view and a delicious meal waiting for you here at The Manor.

We hope you’ll join us at The Manor soon to experience summer, #TheManorWay for yourself.

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