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A Look Back at 2021, #TheManorWay

There’s something about this strange time of year between Christmas and New Year, that makes us feel quite reflective of what has happened over the last 12 months.

It’s been a turbulent year, there’s no doubt about it. But out of the uncertainty has come resilience and a desire to be here for each other and to make it through with a smile on our faces.

For us at The Manor, we’ve been able to connect with our guests in a whole new way.

The Manor has become a home from home for many of you. We continue to welcome those of you who are choosing to work here as a break from your home office. For a coffee by the fire or a breakfast meeting that isn’t behind a screen, you can always join us at The Manor.

The Manor has become an escape from the busy city. Whilst we’re still close enough to London to be convenient for travelling, The Manor is nestled in such a secluded part of countryside with such beautiful grounds, that you could almost image you are miles from civilisation.

The Manor has become a place to gather with loved ones. To enjoy a meal together, with staff who truly care, in a place that holds so much history and family memories of its own.

The Manor has become so much more this year and we know it will continue.

We can’t wait to see what 2022 bring for not just us, but all of our customers and guests. We look forward to sharing many more memories with you in the times to come.

Let’s enjoy 2022 #TheManorWay.

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